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Our Results

On this page you will find our results for PRO-FILING. These results are typical of PRO-FILING. Study them carefully as they are a little deceptive and don’t look so good at first glance. But if you an experienced punter you will recognise the consistency and their potential for profit.

These results were obtained by us using two selections from the first three on our list of contenders for each race. We have shown the full Program for each meeting and our betting progressed from race to race. (Sydney Saturday races only and NSW TAB SP dividends shown. Races for two year olds excluded.)

Better results can be obtained over the long term by being more selective with the type of event chosen. By discarding certain races the number of bets is reduced and the winning average increased. This strategy is needed to reduce the risk.

And PRO-FILING incorporates such a strategy. PRO-FILING will show you how to eliminate races that give poor results and identify races that consistently provide good results. A selective approach that reduces the number of bets to give you a winning average of around 36%! It’s safer and easier to manage.

The consistency is impressive especially with the number of place results. This proves we’re on the right track. PRO-FILING gets results!

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 Ascot 11 February 2012 Teen Idol <strong>Won</strong> $5.00, Noname City <strong>Won</strong> $18.40

Morphetville Parks 11 February 2012 Dumosa 3rd, Little House <strong>Won</strong> $4.80, Pilots Lane <strong>Won</strong> $6.00

Eagle Farm 11 February 2012 Noble Jester <strong>Won</strong> $4.20, Kiss Me Deadly 3rd, The Sixties 2nd, Risk Aversion 3rd

Rosehill 11 February 2012 La Remlap 2nd, Mighty Obvious <strong>Won</strong> $9.20, Fill The Page 2nd, Brightest 3rd, Jummy Fortune 2nd, Wild &amp; Proud <strong>Won</strong> $7.40

Caulfield 11 February 2012 Samaready <strong>Won</strong> $4.20, Pied A Terre <strong>Won</strong> $3.70, Hot Spin 3rd, Soft Sand <strong>Won</strong> $4.40, Let’s Be Happy 3rd

Caulfield 4 February 2012 Silk Stone Special 3rd, Population 3rd, Mosheen <strong>Won</strong> $3.20

Doomben 4 February 2012 Al Faher 2nd, Bang On 2nd

Ascot 4 February 2012 Knight Fury 2nd, Rio Spark 2nd, Western Jewel 2nd

Morphetville 4 February 2012 Rich Pride <strong>Won</strong> $7.10, Lennybe 2nd, I Am Magic <strong>Won</strong> $4.60,
Karacatis 2nd

Warwick Farm 3 September 2011 Elusion 3rd, From the Vault 3rd, Indistcretions <strong>Won</strong> $3.50, Decision Time <strong>Won</strong> $4.60, Florentina 2nd, My Kingdom of Fife 2nd, Ambidexter <strong>Won</strong> $4.20

Flemington 3 September 2011 Platelet 3rd, Hallowell Belle 2nd

Eagle Farm 3 September 2011 Joint Chiefs 3rd, Risk Aversion <strong>Won</strong> $3.70, Random Orbit 2nd

Belmont 3 September 2011 Attadale 3rd, Undercover Lizzy 2nd, Amelia’s Dancer <strong>Won</strong> $3.90, en’s Double 3rd, Break Sea 3rd, Mctango <strong>Won</strong> $3.90, Russell Road <strong>Won</strong> $15.50

Morphetville 3 September 2011 Lindera 3rd, Prince of Capers 2nd, Ligiggleo <strong>Won</strong> $3.60

Doomben 27 August 2011 Easy Running <strong>Won</strong> $4.50, Aladah 3rd, Beggin 3rd, Billum 2nd, Ausworld 3rd, Belletrist <strong>Won</strong> $6.10

Caulfield 27 August 2011 And Rock <strong>Won</strong> $19.60, Happy Angel 3rd, Atomic Force <strong>Won</strong> $5.70

Rosehill Gardens 27 August 2011 Emerald Downs <strong>Won</strong> $6.40, Isle Be Ready 3rd, Mutawarath <strong>Won</strong> $12.80, Dancing Attendance 3rd, Brave the Way 3rd, Balavan <strong>Won</strong> $12, Into the Sun <strong>Won</strong> $17.40

Warwick Farm 20 August 2011 Our Barney 2nd, Sound System <strong>Won</strong> $7.50, Queenian 2nd, Startmeup 2nd, Florentina 2nd, Jerezana 2nd

Monnee Valley 20 August 2011 Zaira <strong>Won</strong> $13.00, Booklet <strong>Won</strong> $16.90, Countcool <strong>Won</strong> $14.50, Classic Elle 3rd, Happy Angel 2nd

Doomben 20 August 2011 Peppered Black <strong>Won</strong> $4.10, Bootooloo 3rd, Molotov 3rd, Purettan <strong>Won</strong> $4.70, Carry Me Bluey 2nd

Morphettville Parks 20 August 2011 Manganese 2nd, Heaven For Sure 2nd, Cool As Hel 2nd, Alcopop <strong>Won</strong> $7.50

Belmont 20 August 2011 Risktaker 2nd, Amelias Dancer <strong>Won</strong> $5.50, Elle Choisit 3rd, Playing God 2nd, Trick Syd <strong>Won</strong> $4.60

Ascot 7 January 2011 Bonding 2nd, Sound System 2nd, Leanous 2nd, Frenchman <strong>Won</strong> $6.40, Born to be Dead <strong>Won</strong> $23.90

Caulfield 7 January 2011 Avalanche <strong>Won</strong> $6.00, Trajet 2nd, Attivita 3rd, Bel Shoes 2nd

Morphetville 7 January 2011 Redhead Rage 3rd, Summarise <strong>Won</strong> $4.30, Valoroso 3rd, Flea Flicker 3rd

Randwick 7 January 2011 Our Boy Lukas 2nd, Intencion 2nd, Parthian <strong>Won</strong> $3.60, Lucky Elmo <strong>Won</strong> $15.60

Randwick 27 November 2010 Dances on Wave <strong>Won</strong> $5.10, Kanzan 2nd, Unanimously <strong>Won</strong> $16.50, Star Leader 2nd, Demirit 2nd, Beijing Boy <strong>Won</strong> $6.10, Rhythm of Dance <strong>Won</strong> $4.00

Sandown Hillside 27 November 2010 Scratched, Tokugawa <strong>Won</strong> $9.80, Scratched, Scratched, Manila Jewel 3rd, Scratched

Eagle Farm 27 November 2010 Pyramids 3rd

Morphetville 27 November 2010 Lord of the Song 2nd, Miss Debra <strong>Won</strong> $5.80, La Siroque 2nd, Anamooka 3rd, Belle Diva <strong>Won</strong> $8.60, Shout Out Loud Rupublique <strong>Won</strong> $4.90

Ascot 20 November 2010 Western Jewel 2nd, Dominicano 2nd, Hoegaarden 2nd, Late Night Flight 2nd

Moonee Valley 20 November 2010 Zingaia 2nd, Annlea 2nd, Irazu 2nd, Sulmita <strong>Won</strong> $31.20, Fast Future 3rd, Sweet Talking Guy 3rd, Miss Octopussy 2nd

Doomben 20 November 2010 Raeburn <strong>Won</strong> $3.30

Morphetville 20 November 2010 Jeter <strong>Won</strong> $4.30, Daydream Charlie 3rd, Ocsmepop <strong>Won</strong> $3.30, Blame Game 2nd, Budreguez <strong>Won</strong> $3.80

Ascot 20 November 2010 Pin Rogue 2nd, Dempsey <strong>Won</strong> $4.00, Scratched, Black Felix <strong>Won</strong> $3.30, Grand Jardin <strong>Won</strong> $5.00

Sandown Hillside 13 November 2010 Zelsnitz <strong>Won</strong> $10.10, Macedonian <strong>Won</strong> $3.60, Dubleanny 3rd, Demirit 2nd, Pressday <strong>Won</strong> $4.20

Morphetville Parks 13 November 2010 Jeunealistic <strong>Won</strong> $3.00, Zaraya Rose <strong>Won</strong> $3.10, Serenada <strong>Won</strong> $4.50, Sheedy <strong>Won</strong> $3.00, My Uncle Vinny 2nd

Eagle Farm 13 November 2010 Miss Cutie 3rd, Zero Rock <strong>Won</strong> $3.00, Eureka 3rd, Captain Clayton <strong>Won</strong> $3.50

Ascot 13 November 2010 Highest Honour 3rd, God Has Spoken <strong>Won</strong> $3.4, King Kool Kat 3rd, No Shackles 2nd

Toowoomba 13 November 2010 Red Ferments <strong>Won</strong> $4.50, No Shackles 2nd, Brigalow Babe 2nd

Kembla Grange 13 November 2010 Lamasery <strong>Won</strong> $3.40, Agent Bauer <strong>Won</strong> $5.60, Senior Dash 2nd

Gold Coast 13 November 2010 Branch Stacker <strong>Won</strong> $5.10, Bann Ruby <strong>Won</strong> $4.20

Flemington 6 November 2010 Allanthus 3rd, Bigelow <strong>Won</strong> $3.40

Royal Randwick 6 November 2010 Zamapara 3rd <strong>Won</strong> $4.50, Bellisimo <strong>Won</strong> $5.60, scratched, scratched

Doomben 6 November 2010 Eddie Rapido 3rd, Eastline <strong>Won</strong> $4.10, Aladah &lt;won&lt; b=””&gt; $20.50

Morphetville Parks 6 November 2010 Jeter <strong>Won</strong> $4.10, Carbon Dates <strong>Won</strong> $21.10, Goon Serpent <strong>Won</strong> $4.00

Ascot 6 November 2010 View the Stars <strong>Won</strong> $3.60, Miss Tipsy Topsy 3rd, Western Jewel <strong>Won</strong> $4.70, Famous Roman <strong>Won</strong> $11.20

Canterbury 29 October 2010 Bellissimo 3rd, Glory Run 2nd, Military Secret <strong>Won</strong> $3.70, Largo Express 3rd, Shamash <strong>Won</strong> $3.40, Boldton 2nd

Moonee Valley 29 October 2010 Bigelow <strong>Won</strong> $7.20, Sir Walter <strong>Won</strong> $4.80 , Alittlevolcanic 2nd

Flemington 30 October 2010 Mr Chard <strong>Won</strong> $5.40, Maluckday <strong>Won</strong> $5.60, Shrapnel 3rd, Response 3rd, Poor Judge <strong>Won</strong> $15.10

Rosehill 30 October 2010 Redtracer <strong>Won</strong> $3.80, Balmonth 2nd, Girls Go Racing 2nd, Samui Lad <strong>Won</strong> $3.60, Shrapnel 3rd, The Paymaster <strong>Won</strong> $26.30

Doomben 30 October 2010 Patmoss 3rd, Captain Clayton <strong>Won</strong> $3.80

Morphettville 30 October 2010 Card Sharp <strong>Won</strong> $5.90

Caulfield 9 October 2010 Mac Chois 2nd, Cedarburg 2nd, Winter King 2nd, Solar Charged <strong>Won</strong> $6.80

Rose Hill 9 October 2010 Danger Lurks 2nd, Regal Banter 2nd, Riebeek <strong>Won</strong> $19.20, Ofcourseican <strong>Won</strong> $4.30 , Exploitable Doubt <strong>Won</strong> $3.00

Eagle Farm 9 October 2010 Scratched, Lucky Dubai <strong>Won</strong> $4.30

Mophetville 9 October 2010 Lindera <strong>Won</strong> $11.50, Comic Composer 2nd, Missionary Man 2nd, Magnefique Soleil

Rose Hill 1 May 2010 Shabana <strong>Won</strong> $5.80, Ghetto Blaster <strong>Won</strong> $4.00, Ulladulla <strong>Won</strong> $4.70

Eagle Farm 1 May 2010 Shabana <strong>Won</strong> $5.80, Ghetto Blaster <strong>Won</strong> $4.00, Ulladulla <strong>Won</strong> $4.70

Randwick 17 April 2010 Boto Vermelho 2nd , Star of Octangal <strong>Won</strong> $4.50, Swift Alliance 3rd

Doomben 17 April 2010 Attallus 2nd , Encosta Tszyu 3rd, Shuffle the Cash <strong>Won</strong> $5.60, Frozone <strong>Won</strong> $22.90, Smart Punch Won $3.40, Masai Pride Won $6.50, Starzando 3rd

Caulfield 17 April, 2010 The Fugitive <strong>Won</strong> $6.70, Duble Bolt 3rd, Reverend Lovejoy <strong>Won</strong> $6.50, Down Under Boy 3rd, Cat’s Pyjamas <strong>Won</strong> $4.00, Off The Planet 3rd, Amaethon 3rd.

Doomben 17 April, 2010 Attallus 2nd , Encosta Tszyu 3rd, Shuffle the Cash <strong>Won</strong> $$5.60, Fifteen Carat 3rd , Smart Punch <strong>Won</strong> $3.40, Masai Pride <strong>Won</strong> $6.50, Starzando 3rd.

Doomben 10 April 2010 Rebounded 2nd, Monashee Dancer 2nd, Mr Nappy 2nd, Dual Chamber <strong>Won</strong> $6.00, Tracey’s Choice 3rd.

Randwick 10 April 2010 Euphemism 2nd , Brilliant Light <strong>Won</strong> $6.50, Skilled 2nd , Shoot Out <strong>Won</strong>$5.30, Status Quo 2nd

Flemington 10 April 2010 Big Spirit 2nd , Vivid Vixen <strong>Won</strong> $3.40, Dysphonia 2nd , Golago 2nd , Perturbo <strong>Won</strong> $13.30

Eagle Farm 13 February, 2010 Mazuka <strong>Won</strong> $7.90, The Jackal <strong>Won</strong> $3.80, Rain Coat 2nd, Rebounded 3rd.

Randwick 13 February, 2010 Mustard 3rd, Mr Clangtastic 3rd, Trim 2nd, Kennys World <strong>Won</strong> $5.30.

Caulfield 6 February, 2010 Bolle <strong>Won</strong> $17.20, No Evidence Needed <strong>Won</strong> $7.20, Beneteau <strong>Won</strong> $4.10, Margham 3rd, Miss Maren <strong>Won</strong>$7.40, General Truce 2nd, Valentine Miss 2nd, Lucky Secret 2nd, Welkom Gold 2nd. (Not a bad day! And not uncommon with Pro-filing)

Rosehill 6 February, 2010 Monton <strong>Won</strong> $8.10, Tagus <strong>Won</strong> $3.90, Deltona 2nd, Scared Choice <strong>Won</strong> $7.30, Rangirangdoo <strong>Won</strong> $4.30.

Rosehill 30 April, 2005 Anwaar <strong>Won</strong> $2.40, Villa Bled <strong>Won</strong> $8.00, Portland Singa <strong>Won</strong> $4.20, Our Apache <strong>Won</strong> $2.70, unpl, King Rex Won $10.00, Cateclipse Won $4.60.

Randwick 23 April, 2005 Canny princess 2nd, Ilonga Magic 2nd, Intermoo 3rd, unpl, Britts Best 2nd, Dancing Daggers <strong>Won</strong> $4.40, Verb <strong>Won</strong> $12.00.

Rosehill 16 April, 2005 Kosta Nothin 2nd, unpl. Aqua D’More <strong>Won</strong> $3.00, Lantwin 2nd, Sir Dex <strong>Won</strong> $4.00, I’m a Tenor 2nd, Academe 2nd.

Warwick Farm 9 April, 2005 All Knowledge 3rd, Royal Ninja <strong>Won</strong> $5.00, Zingam <strong>Won</strong> $4.60, Bromide <strong>Won</strong> $8.00, unpl.

Randwick 2 April, 2005 Pentelikon <strong>Won</strong> $2.50, Canny Princes 2nd, Catreign <strong>Won</strong> $6.50, Afraah <strong>Won</strong> $4.80, Shamekha <strong>Won</strong> $4.80, Grande Armee <strong>Won</strong> $1.85, County Tyrone 2nd, Striking Victory <strong>Won</strong> $3.20.

Randwick 27 March, 2005(Monday)
Spelling 2nd, Danalaga <strong>Won</strong> $5.00, Kablammo 3rd, Courts in Session 2nd, Jeremaid <strong>Won</strong> $5.50, Shania Dane <strong>Won</strong> $7.00, Rich Megadale <strong>Won</strong> $7.00.

Rosehill 19 March, 2005 Britts Best <strong>Won</strong> $6.50, Jeremaid Won$7.00, Stella Grande Won$6.00, Hollow Bullet Won$4.60, Makybe Diva Won$2.10, unpl, Ikes Dream Won$2.60, Osca Warrior Won$4.80.

Rosehill 12 March, 2005 Legendary Man Won $31.00, Natural Woman <strong>Won</strong> $4.60, unpl, Mahtoum <strong>Won</strong> $5.00, Eremein <strong>Won</strong> $5.00, unpl, Kablammo <strong>Won</strong> $7.00.

Rosehill 5 March, 2005
Lord of Lords <strong>Won</strong> $4.80, Grand Armee <strong>Won</strong> $1.30, Red Oog <strong>Won</strong> $3.20, Shania Dane <strong>Won</strong> $2.50, unpl, Dance Hero <strong>Won</strong> $3.70, Seul Amour <strong>Won</strong> $3.80.

Canterbury 26 February, 2005(Night)
Shalimar Sky 2nd, With My <strong>Won</strong> $9.50, unpl, Jymcarew <strong>Won</strong> $14.60, Winning Belle <strong>Won</strong> $1.60, Radetsky March <strong>Won</strong> $2.00.

Warwick Farm 19 February, 2005 Lord of Lords <strong>Won</strong> $3.40, Vionetto <strong>Won</strong> $2.90, But I’m Serious <strong>Won</strong> $4.80, Lotteria <strong>Won</strong> $2.40, Grand Armee <strong>Won</strong> $1.90, Falkirk 2nd, Heck of a Party 3rd, Fourofakind 3rd.

Randwick 12 February, 2005 Ponte Piccolo Won $3.30, Grandly <strong>Won</strong> $4.20, Shalimar Sky <strong>Won</strong> $3.00, Resistor <strong>Won</strong> $9.50, Grand Armee <strong>Won</strong> $3.10, Outback Prince <strong>Won</strong> $20.00, Red Hot Pepper <strong>Won</strong> $4.20, Shannon Bank2nd.

Imagine what you can do with results like these. Use a Dutch Book or devise a betting plan for the favourites only. Or you can be more selective with races and the odds on offer like we do.

Following the recommended approach should give you a winning strike rate of around 36% and an average price of about 6/1! And this is enough to progressively build a massive bank each year, year after year! In theory any amount is possible with the right staking plan and a sound selection method. PRO-FILING has both! No big plunges but I’ll show you how to make thousands from results like these year after year and how to make your bank … EXPLODE!

Betting and winning like a true professional!

PRO-FILING is a powerful handicapping method that will give you control over your betting and the potential to make big money from racing.