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Handicapping methods, betting strategies or systems! Trifecta Betting! PRO-FILING! Place betting! Exactas! Which one for you? Do they work? Can you really make money from horse racing and betting?

And isn’t that what you really want to know? Isn’t that why you bought all those systems in the past, all those magazines and books about racing? And isn’t that why you’re surfing the web now, browsing all the racing pages? Can you make money by betting horses to win? Or by gambling or using a more scientific approach? Can you make money by handicapping or working a system? Is it all too hard? Too complex? Should you be content to just plod along betting on hunches or using some traditional means like sticking a pin in the form guide?

Without a doubt some people do make money betting on horses. Particularly using a handicapping method. We have all heard of success stories in Racing. Pittsburgh Phil, legendary punters like Eric Connolly, Hollywood George, Perc Galea and more recently Don Scott. But there are many others you never hear about. They don’t attract attention with huge plunges or flamboyant betting styles. They just work quietly away extracting a small share of the billions circulating in the racing industry.

How do they do it? How do they find a handicapping system that works? More importantly, how can you do it? These days it’s tough out there in the workplace. Globalisation and corporate rationalisation has created a very insecure working environment. Career employment is rare and no longer offers the rewards of the past. So why waste your life working for someone else? Making someone else rich?

Many people are abandoning those traditional career paths and seeking new ways to create income. New paths to independence. And horse racing is one of the few industries today where individuals, using their own initiative and just a little capital, can create independent income. And they do it by handicapping or using a system of some kind.

In the process they create a lifestyle unaffected by social, political or economic pressures. A lifestyle many people just dream of. A lifestyle of complete independence. A lifestyle where you decide your own terms. Where you work where and when you like. From your own home, your mobile phone or from the comfort and luxury of the track. And everything is tax free. It’s all fun and excitement set in a colourful, well regulated industry.

What a way to work. It’s the perfect lifestyle and horseracingsystems4u.com.au can help get you there! It’s your passport! Your portal to that lifestyle!

Handicapping methods and betting strategies that win

Ever since the sport begun punters have been trying to beat the races. The search for the perfect system or a handicapping method that works has been the bane of many thousands of hopeful punters. And perhaps you’re one of them. But if you’re waiting for that perfect system to come along … forget it. It’ll never happen! NEVER! And if you stop to think about it you’ll soon realise why. The essential part of any system – the human element – is the least perfect component. But don’t be too discouraged.

That doesn’t mean you can’t win. Serious punters know there are ways to make money from racing; that there are ways to take advantage of the averages, there are ways to make things work in their favour. They know there are ways to make money from racing. They know that! And deep down I’m sure you do too! And handicapping is one of those ways.

But if you’re like most people, you may feel you lack a certain something … a missing link if you like … an elusive, but vital key … a key you hope someday you’ll find … a key to give you that winning edge, then horseracingsystems4u.com.au is that key…we will give YOU that vital winning edge. This website will give you access to quality racing information, betting programs, handicapping methods and systems that work. Success is no longer so elusive. It’s a distinct possibility!

Consider a different approach

There have been many systems touted about over the years. And we have learned from them. But most lack any credible scientific foundation and are often so irrational and nonsensical they’re more amusing than anything. It’s as if something as complex as a horse race can be decided by a handful of childish rules, lucky numbers or some other mystical process. And unfortunately, these days many punters think of systems as being a little old fashioned. They have better things to do than spend their time pondering over a form guide and spending long tedious hours handicapping.

But many hand over their cash to a rating service or TAB week after week without so much as a whimper. But you have gone beyond all that. You have risen above that elementary stage. You’re looking for serious stuff!

I’m sure you’ve read about the relative weight handicapping approach of Rem Plante in the 60s and more recently Don Scott’s amazing weight ratings. Methods developed by dedicated punters. Dedicated punters with the skills and commitment to devise a workable handicapping method. Dedicated punters with a certain genius to put the odds in their favour. Serious stuff! And true legends of racing!

Well, now there’s horseracingsystems4u.com.au … and it stands proudly with those giants of the past. horseracingsystems4u.com.au is serious stuff! That doesn’t mean that what we offer is too complex or that you will find it too hard. But it will be hard for you to find better systems,betting strategies or handicapping methods anywhere.

Handicapping has the professional strategies to get you many long priced winners. Again and again. Proven strategies! Horse racing is an exciting pastime, but imagine how much more exciting it would be if you won more? Imagine if every time you went to the track or the TAB you were confidently betting and winning like a true professional punter!


When it comes to handicapping, this is the one you have been searching for! The one that will make up for all the wasted effort of the past! A dazzling approach to racing! A prestigious and sophisticated selection and handicapping method that’s right up there with the true legends of racing!

PRO-FILING is an exciting and enjoyable handicapping process. A fresh alternative to the tired old systems of the past. An impressive selection method that delivers real results. Real professional results. Race after race after race!

Betting and winning like a true professional!

PRO-FILING is a powerful handicapping method that will give you control over your betting and the potential to make big money from racing.