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We have been in business for years; selling racing products by mail order and now via the Internet. Check us out with Fair Trading if you wish. You won’t find any consumer complaints, fraud or wrong doing of any kind in any State!

I carry on business under my own name and horseracingsystems4u.com.au is the domain name I operate under on the Internet. So you know who you’re dealing with. If you are still not convinced, note that we don’t hide behind any corporate structure or a post office box.

If you are considering buying one of our handicapping methods, systems, Programs or Courses remember that this is the information age. Information is what you pay for and that is what you get. Information that is the result of time and effort of other people over many years.

And what better way to learn.

So don’t waste time re-inventing the wheel. You won’t find much better. It will take you a lifetime to gather and structure all this information yourself and it is possible to succeed at racing, just like any other enterprise, and there is no reason why you too cannot be successful.

If you really want to succeed at racing, can you afford not to buy?

Think of the Benefits!

If you’re looking for a better lifestyle, change of career, or just the good things in life that you deserve then this could be just what you’ve been searching for. The lifestyle of a true professional punter or semi professional is achievable and within the reach of everyone! The benefits are real and this site may be just what you need to get them!

The world has change drastically over the last few years and many people are feeling a touch of despair and anguish about their future. The perpetual uncertainty of globalisation, the soaring cost of homes, over taxation, higher education fees, poor wages, high unemployment, lack of job opportunities, downsizing and casual employment all contribute to make life difficult for the wage earner and the average family.

No matter which way you turn or what you do there are obstacles that seem designed to soak up your savings and prevent you getting ahead. But people are starting to question the old values. And some people are getting on top in ways that were never thought possible years ago. People are seeking new opportunities and new ways to create income and independent lifestyle. Opportunities that have not been evident until recently.

And racing is one of those opportunities. Surprisingly, an income from racing is not as difficult as it once seemed and now offers a genuine alternative to the traditional lifestyle of a nine to five career.

The benefits are most certainly real! Just look at what others have done and be inspired:

  •   A retired public servant  in north Queensland bets on the Internet and makes enough in six months to spend the remaining six months of the year travelling the world or sailing the Whitsunday’s without touching his superannuation nest egg.
  •   A Sydney businessman  makes more money from racing in one day than he does from his business in a week. He lives a very comfortable lifestyle in the Harbour city with plenty of time for his golf game.
  •   A grandmother  in Geelong makes $900 a week tax free using a simple trifecta system and betting with her TAB telephone account. She now owns a string of holiday properties.
  •   A unemployed man  in Wollongong supplements his social security benefits by hundreds of dollars a week using a simple place betting system at the TAB. He can’t find a job there so he’s seriously thinking of turning professional!

Can you imagine yourself in this position?

If these people can do it … so can you! All you really need is the know how… and this site will give you that … and a whole lot more.

We know many people are still not convinced and a little hesitant when it comes to buying racing products especially on-line. But we have made it safer for you and taken the trouble to disclose full details of ourselves and our products on these pages. Each product on these pages has its individual guarantee. The guarantees are NOT unconditional but they do offer your money back in most cases. There is nothing hidden in the small print or undisclosed before purchase.