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Trifecta betting

The magic of trifecta betting

ACTION! MONEY! EXCITEMENT! BIG PAYOUTS! That’s the magic of trifecta betting and that’s just what you will get with TRIFECTA PLUS.

Until recently professional punters have traditionally concentrated on betting with on-course bookmakers rather than with the TAB in order to obtain the best odds. One area where better value is now obtained is in trifecta betting and the value offered by the big trifecta dividends is reversing that trend. The big dividends offered for such a small outlay is an attractive and exciting proposition for any punter and it’s not surprising that trifecta betting has become so popular.

Just look at this! $28,622.00! $30,536.30! $12,735.10! $19,174.60! These are just some of the big trifecta dividends paid out by the TAB recently (NSW Dividends). Imagine the power and excitement of payouts like these! It really is magic. It’s no wonder then that many professionals and betting syndicates are now looking towards trifecta betting for bigger profits. With big payouts like these trifecta betting now offers the best opportunity to make money from racing and surprisingly with very little risk.

These days with our economy often in recession, downsizing and uncertainty in employment, many people are abandoning the traditional career paths and seeking new ways to create independent income streams. Racing is one of the few industries today where individuals using their own initiative and a minimum of capital can create a source of income.


Trifecta betting offers those individuals the opportunity to achieve that goal. The TRIFECTA PLUS. approach not only has the potential to give you all the benefits promised, it will also provide you with the means to establish a very workable and independent home business.


the age of trifecta betting

This is the age of trifecta betting and it’s not just a passing fad but a trend certain to continue well into the 21st century. Trifecta betting is now the most popular form of betting outside of straight out “to win” betting. Trifecta betting now forms 21.5% of all TAB sales.

The big returns that trifecta betting offers has attracted the interest of many business minded people. People that perhaps do not know so much about horse racing as they do about business ventures, risk management and probability statistics. People winning with trifectas aren’t handicapping fields or picking horses in the usual sense. They’re taking advantage of averages and making number combinations work for them. Trifecta betting offers countless opportunities to make money from racing. Opportunities just waiting to be exploited by the shrewd punter.

So how can you share in this bonanza? It’s difficult enough to get one winner up let alone to pick a combination to run first, second and third. How can the average punter reap these benefits? Racing isn’t lotto but sometimes you can be just as lucky. But you cannot rely on luck. You must go about it in a more systematic manner, adopt a business like approach and be satisfied with long term profits.

Yes, that’s a boring approach and one that turns many punters off. A few losers on end and most punters soon lose sight of their long term goals and their enthusiasm is soon channelled elsewhere. But with trifecta betting this approach can be easily maintained because trifecta betting offers something different. It provides all the action and excitement that any punter could hope for. It’s almost impossible to lose interest. But before we can exploit this phenomenon we need to know and understand a little more about the nature of the trifecta, what it is and how the trifecta works.

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