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There is opportunity to succeed at racing. An opportunity that is not widely promoted or advertised and probably one of racing’s best kept secrets. PRO-FILING is one of the best methods ever devised, either here or overseas, to handicap a race field. It is a powerful process. A professional method that gives you total control of your betting and selecting.

PRO-FILING is a positive alternative to traditional handicapping and far superior to the tired old systems of the past. An interesting and enjoyable method, PRO-FILING will take you step by step through a process to eliminate horses with little chance of winning. You don’t have to battle with weights, form lines, sectional times or other things that take the fun out of racing. The system does not look for winners, rather winners identify themselves in the process. In fact, they virtually jump out at you. And it’s completely impartial. You are not distracted by media hype or other external factors that adversely influence the decisions of ordinary punters and professionals alike.

Whether you’re a system punter or an experienced handicapper you’ll find PRO-FILING a superior selection method. One that makes up for all the wasted effort of the past. But there is nothing new in the principles and I can’t really take credit for their origination. I have simply gathered together a collection of ideas and concepts that have been around for decades and given them a unique working arrangement. An arrangement that, in itself, presents a reliable profile of any given race and how the horses in that race are likely to perform. The end result is a brilliant selection process that produces winners with uncanny accuracy and amazing consistency.

As you read through the website you may become a little apprehensive about what is actually involved in putting PRO-FILING into practice depending on your level of experience. New ideas are bound to offer a little apprehension at first and you may wonder about your decision to spend your money on another racing system. But PRO-FILING is not just another system. It is your passport to success in a fascinating pastime. So do not be deterred by the task ahead of you. I promise it’s not as difficult as it may first seem.

“Racing is exciting and winning is exhilarating. There is nothing quite like making your own selections confident in your ability to pick winners consistently, independently and against the flow of public opinion. From here on in, with PRO-FILING, you will be able to do just that.” Harold French

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