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Horse Racing ~ The Third Element


The Third Element…

It’s surprising what you can uncover beneath the surface but sometimes you have to dive deep to find the treasure.

Most people agree that racing and betting are two entirely separate things. Firstly, there is the selection process. Anyone with some elementary knowledge of racing can come up with a few winners. Beginners often have no end of luck and amaze their friends with what appears to be a latent ability to pick winner after winner.

Secondly, for those with the ability to pick a few winners , it’s what yo actually do with them that counts. The actual bets you make and the staking method you use to make money and build you bank into thousands. The way you increase your bets to make¬†winning worthwhile.

But is that all it takes? No, I don’t think so. Otherwise it would be too easy and there would be a lot of successful and wealthy punters out there.

There is a third element! A little known strategy which works in an entirely different way. A strategy that reduces the losses by identifying and avoiding those races where you never win.

It’s like an early warning system that signals the races where you can’t win or don’t win or where you can’t win or don’t win or where you can’t get a consistent winning average. So how do you identify these races? That third element is what makes the difference! The difference between a professional and an amateur. The difference between winning and losing. The difference between success and failure. The difference between poor and rich. And that difference is what makes a true professional. The difference is what pro-filing can get you.