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The Latest Horse Racing News In Australia

Here’s some of the latest horse racing news in Australia!

As of the 3rd of July, horse racing jockey Joe Bowditch states that the favourite in the Sir John Monash Stakes, Lord Of The Sky, is vulnerable. He warns that while the horse may have the speed, he does seem to be drawn awkwardly.

There’s a couple there that will test him early and I hope they do because it will suit us. But I think he’s vulnerable and definitely beatable.”, says the expert jockey Joe Bowditch to the Sydney Morning Herald.



The same article was also posted on The Age and Joe continues to tell the reporter that he’s optimistic for group 3 of the Sir John Monash Stakes and that here are a couple of great jockeys and horses participating, including Lord Of The Sky, despite his apparent stature as a vulnerable bet in the upcoming races.

In an article published on The Courier Mail magazine, you can read more about Miss Promiscuity’s big win against the already mentioned favourite, Lord Of The Sky. The trainer Robbie Lang stated that while Lord Of The Sky had trouble starting the race in time he did make a run into seventh place by the end. We now have this booming victor Lord Of The Sky win-less in the recent eleven starts.

Source: http://www.couriermail.com.au/sport/superracing/sir-john-monash-stakes-2015-miss-promiscuity-spoils-party-for-those-loyal-lord-of-the-sky-disciples/story-fnii0owg-1227428467954

In other news, the jockey Linda Meech and her horse, Green Card, pay respects to the fallen track rider, Freidrike Ruhler, who passed away during the week at Caulfield.

With a tear in her eye, the winning jockey Meech shared a few words after she had regained her composure:

“With the passing of (trainer)Byron Cozamanis’ girl it just highlights the danger of the sport”

This just goes to show, as Linda Meech shares with the public, that horse racing is a dangerous sport and the slightest mistake or miss can become a very costly one as people’s lives are at stake.

In relation to this event, Green Card is said to have performed very well during the race and the trainer Craig Widdison said that they might be considering setting Green Card for a 1400 meter race for three year old’s next spring, as well as the Golden Rose.

Source: http://www.adelaidenow.com.au/sport/superracing/green-card-gives-emotional-linda-meech-platform-to-pay-respects-to-the-fallen/story-fnii0owf-1227428300707

As of July 4th, the rider of the horse Cosmic Storm, Peter Hall, won the Belmont Oaks 2000 meter race.

According to the report published on The Western Australian, this wasn’t the only thing that happened in relation to this victory at the Belmont Oaks.

Instead, the win came at a cost as the rider was suspended for 18 days due to presumable foul play. According to sources, Stewards charge Peter Hall for careless riding as he bumped Tiny Bubble at the 275 meter lines who as a result of this blundered.

In the aftermath of the race, Peter Hall did plead guilt to said charges and will see his suspension beginning immediately. The results of this suspension means that neither Hall nor Cosmic Storm can participate in the upcoming $100,000 race at Belmont Oaks, the 2200 meter race.

Source: https://au.news.yahoo.com/thewest/sport/a/28672488/bitter-sweet-result-for-hall/

A tough but satisfying week for Peter Hall and his trustworthy racing horse, Cosmic Storm. The win at the Belmont Oaks where Cosmic Storm made a valiant charge from seventh to fist place is still something for Peter Hall to store in his backpack.

You might already have heard of the big win for Haussmann and Christian Reith in the Civic Stakes of 1350 meters, which as a result gave John O’Shea (trainer) several successive wins in the feature sprint. The listed $100,000 win awoke some positive and yet critical thoughts with the trainer O’Shea.

“If you asked me 12 months prior would you take what you have achieved, I would have taken it with both hands. We would have been happy with less so it has been a good season for us.’’

“To be fair, there is room for improvement.”

These were the general types of responses coming from O’Shea after this important win for him and his team. Though he was very pleased and happy with this win, he also saw some room for improvement which is always true when it comes to sports in general.

Nevertheless, O’Shea has had many highlights which include a variety of accomplishments, such as:

– The stable’s 31 two-year old race wins.

– O’Shea has had 25 black type success, with Hausmann being the 26th.

– It’s known that O’Shea trained a grand total of 165 winners this season, which accumulated to $11.1 million in earnings for the stable.

Needless to say, this has been a very successful season for O’Shea and his stable and there are no signs of either him or his stable slowing down until the season is over.

All of the information above was taken from a report published on The Daily Telegraph.

Source: http://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/sport/superracing/civic-stakes-2015-haussmann-adds-to-john-osheas-stellar-season-for-godolphin/story-fni2gg7e-1227428361695