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Betting and Gambling

Betting and Gambling – There is a difference!
Know the difference and know success!

Throughout this website, there is a theme of betting and gambling. And that theme is focused on thoroughbred horse racing.

Why horse racing?

We want to make it quite clear from the start that there is quite a difference between a true racing professional and a gambler. We don’t want to go into some long winded definition about what a gambler is but we do want to point out that traditionally, most gamblers die broke. The true racing professional on the other hand is more of a businessman. A businessman with some scientific basis to his money making activities and betting decisions.

With the right psychological approach and some reasonable strategies to manage his investments, a true racing professional can amass a considerable amount of money during his betting career. And do it as safely and risk free as any other successful businessman. But to do so he must know and understand everything there is to know about the profession of horse racing and operate in a static and well established environment. He must choose the best medium available for his investments. And that is thoroughbred horse racing

At horseracingsystems4u.com.au you will find the knowledge; The thoroughbred racing industry in Australia provides the environment. This is a top combination for success. But success is never easy to achieve and if you aspire to reach that professional level, you should give yourself every chance you can.

Our advice is to make up your mind now to abandon all other forms of betting. Forget about the dogs, the trots, football, lotto and such like. They are for gamblers and other losers and has no place in the life of a true racing professional.

As you progress through this website and study the various topics you will find that your knowledge and understanding of racing is expanding enormously.
Much of information may be of a basic nature and you may have read it before. Other material is more complex and you may or may not be familiar with it.
But many things about racing that have perhaps mystified you for years will become clear as they are dealt with. And you will soon start to become very excited about your newfound knowledge and skills.

Why horse racing as opposed to other forms of gambling?

Let’s put it another way. To make money from racing you must understand a few basic truths.

Firstly, that there is a difference between gambling and betting on horses. True, betting on horses is gambling but let me explain further. Going to the Races, Trots or the Greyhounds just for the sake of it and backing favourites, tipsters selections or some other hunch is simply to gamble. The same can be said for football, lotteries and lotto. These are often lacking in any useful information and is more often than not supported by decisions made in the heat of the moment or some particular emotion or feeling. Leave them to the experts in that field. But seldom is it supported by proven knowledge or any scientific handicapping process.

Thoroughbred horse racing has that knowledge and that scientific process. It provides easy accessible form and statistics. Form and statistics that offer unique data that can be analysed and manipulated with proven and consistent results and developed into an effective handicapping process. And horse racing has a certain cyclic pattern. A cyclic pattern that can be relied on year after year, decade after decade.

Secondly, statistics tell us that 97% of all punters lose and lose consistently. That’s a lot of people. But I’m sure you are aware of that. To succeed at racing you must give up all those ideas of getting rich quick. If that’s what you want then I’m afraid you should look elsewhere – racing’s not for you, go out and buy a lotto ticket!

To win at racing you must start by divorcing yourself from all other forms of gambling, unless, of course, it’s just for fun! And to win at racing you must do something different. Something different from the 97% of punters that lose. At horseracingsystems4u.com.au you will find something different…something to make up for all the wasted effort of the past!

Betting and winning like a true professional!

PRO-FILING is a powerful handicapping method that will give you control over your betting and the potential to make big money from racing.