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TRIFECTA PLUS takes the chance out of trifecta betting and replaces it with a cool business outlook and BIG dividends.


Product Description

Now YOU can experience the power and thrills of WINNING BIG dividends with this exciting new concept in trifecta betting…

TRIFECTA PLUS is not a computer system. You need no special skills nor any knowledge of racing. There’s no handicapping! No form analysis! No ratings! No mathematics! In fact there are just two simple selection rules based on proven ability and this leaves no doubt as to what horses you include in your trifecta combinations. Selections take just a few minutes and all you need is a good formguide. It’s that simple. You can even place your bets in advance. TRIFECTA PLUS takes the chance out of trifecta betting and replaces it with a cool business outlook and BIG dividends.


What To Expect

TRIFECTA PLUS often selects six or seven winning trifectas from the one program and many dead heats. Past results include two dividends in the same race each paying over $3,000. Dividends in excess of a thousand dollars occur almost weekly and payouts of hundreds of dollars are common place. Last year there were 56 dividends over $1,000 paying a total of $104,692.40 and the previous year a similar number returned $96,035.20! The strike rate for winning dividends is over 50%.

TRIFECTA PLUS is not really a system but a systematic businesslike approach that delivers BIG dividends! That’s GUARANTEED! As you can expect with trifecta betting you’ll need capital to start but nothing like what you would need to buy a traditional business. And of course profits have to be offset by outlays, just like in any business. And there will be days when results are disappointing. With perseverance, discipline and a little luck this can offset the losses and progressively build a healthy bank.

But be warned! This is not a racing system in the normal sense. But it’s more than just a selection method. It’s a cleverly devised method of making number combinations work for you. A comprehensive hands on approach encompassing the philosophy and psychology of successful betting. Simple and flexible enough to adapt to your own betting style and with potential to put you up there with the big boys. There’s no secret to it but there is a subtle connection between trifecta betting and the home business.

But don’t expect to make “pocket” money each week. TRIFECTA PLUS is a long term proposition which needs patience and discipline on your part. We can’t guarantee your profits but we can guarantee BIG dividends. You’ll have the basis for a home business PLUS and all the action and excitement you want.

What You Get

TRIFECTA PLUS is presented in a A4 softcover manual explaining all about trifecta betting and detailing the selection method in full. It includes trifecta statistics, combination tables, a quick reference guide to trifecta combinations, your trifecta action plan, a recommended plan of operation, a staking system that shows you how your bank can snowball in to a small fortune and literally rake in hundreds of thousands of dollars over the years … and our money back guarantee*.

How It Works

Here’s a brief run-down of what’s involved … each week identify the qualifying races from the formguide and make your selections. Remember, there are only two concise rules so it only takes a few minutes for each meeting. Then place your bets. As the selections are known in advance you have the choice of how and when you bet. Use your telephone account, the Internet or whatever. Telephone betting and the Internet now make it easier and you can do it all in the comfort of your own home. That’s it! Next morning go through the results and see what dividends you collect. Balance them against the stakes outlaid and check your profit or loss for the day. It’s that simple. Over time you can progressively build your bank and get in front!

The big dividends are exciting and they’re guaranteed! But you have to be prepared to take the bad with the good. That means sizeable stakes, low dividends and sometimes watching your bank dwindle until you hit the big ones that could put you well in front. We suggest a minimum operating bank of $2,000. That’s not unreasonable and we make no apologies. It’s simply the nature of trifecta betting. But compare that outlay to buying and setting up a traditional business?

The good news is that it is now much easier for punters to share in those big payouts. With the introduction of Flexi Betting in New South Wales you can now nominate a percentage of a dollar unit as your bet. And if nobody selects a trifecta correctly the dividend pool jackpots. Just imagine the size of that pool!

This makes exotic betting, such as using box trifecta combinations, more accessible to the smaller punter and a very attractive proposition. The TRIFECTA PLUS concept is designed to take advantage of this exciting new betting format and you can start with a much smaller bank than the recommended $2,000. Almost any amount will do, even as little as $20!

The Age Of Tifecta Betting

The 90s was an exciting era in racing. An age of promise, prosperity and big trifecta dividends. A trend that will continue beyond 2000. Trifecta betting is now the most popular form of betting outside of to win betting and forms about 25% of all TAB sales. The TAB trifecta pools hold billions of dollars each year and most of this is returned to punters as winnings! The promise of huge dividends in return for a small investment is a very attractive proposition for any punter. It’s not surprising then, that trifecta betting has become so popular.

Until recently professional punters have traditionally bet straight out with on-course bookmakers. But the value now offered by trifecta betting is reversing that trend. Just look at this! $28,622.00! $30,536.30! $12,735.10! $19,174.60!  These are huge returns for a tiny one dollar investment. Just some of the big trifecta dividends declared in recent times. And there’s more. A dead heat for 3rd in the 1999 Melbourne Cup resulted in two trifecta payouts of $16,906.20 and $11,756.30 in the same race! More recently at Eagle Farm a trifecta produced a massive dividend of $35,356.50! Imagine the power and excitement of these payouts! It’s no wonder many professionals and betting syndicates are turning to trifecta betting. Trifecta betting offers real opportunities to make money from racing. Opportunities just waiting to be exploited by the shrewd punter, an income from racing is now a real option!

Unfortunately, we can’t lay claim to any of those dividends. But here’s some we can credit to TRIFECTA PLUS – $14,043.10, $5,025.40, $5,785.10, $6,726.00, $3,750.20, $4,666.70, $3,170.80, $2,957.60, $4,165.10…and heaps more! In fact, about fifty like that each year! GUARANTEED!1 What a solid foundation for any business? Imagine what you could do those with dividends like that.

These days with the threat of recession, corporate downsizing and high unemployment, many people are abandoning traditional career paths and seeking alternative ways to create income. Racing is one of the few industries where individuals using their own initiative and just a little capital can create independent income. And trifecta betting is the path many choose.

And what a lifestyle! Just what many people dream of. There are few overheads, no customers, no staff, no complaints, just fun and excitement set in a colourful, well regulated industry. You decide your own terms and work when and where you want. From your own home, your mobile phone or in the comfort and luxury of the track…and everything is tax free. What a way to work! It’s the perfect lifestyle … it is attainable … and TRIFECTA PLUS can help get you there!

Our Guarantee

Obviously, we cannot guarantee your financial success. nobody can do that in any investment or any business venture. And we cannot gurantee that you will make a profit with with TRIFECTA PLUS because we don’t know you or how well you manage money. But we have said the BIG dividends are what count in trifecta betting, we offer this bold guarantee:

“If you do not receive at least 50 dividends over $1,000 in your first year operating as recommended we will refund your money in FULL.”
Regardless of how much you have won or lost with other dividends.
And you will receive this guarantee* in writing on purchase

That’s fair enough. Some conditions apply and they’re fully explained in the manual but there’s nothing hidden in the small print and rest assured it will be honoured. We simply need to sight documented evidence to support your claim. But remember, because of the uncertainties associated with any investment we cannot accept responsibility for any financial loss.

  *The guarantee of fifty dividends a year over $1,000 is applicable only where Trifecta Plus is operated in actual practice as recommend in the manual.

Conditions of purchase: TRIFECTA PLUS is for personal and private use only and purchase is conditional upon the buyer not being at liberty to divulge or make public the principles and concepts contained therein to any person or in any manner whatsoever. Reference to past results in promotional material demonstrates the effectiveness and potential of TRIFECTA PLUS but does not guarantee future results.


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