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Professional Punting in Action



It’s more than a selection method or a home study course. It’s a complete program that will take you….FROM THE LEARNING…TO THE EARNING!


Product Description

A Professional Betting strategy with the potential to make more money from racing than you’ve ever made in your life! Professional Punting in Action is a dynamic, structured approach designed to develop your handicapping and form analysis skills to a professional level … in just a few weeks!

This is a professional punting program and we recommend you read more about how you can MAKE MONEY from racing before continuing.

Professional Punting in Action is not widely advertised or promoted, it’s very exclusive and one of racing’s best kept secrets. The Program has taught many people to make money from racing because it has been carefully structured to include advanced strategies and practical, hands-on betting material. It forms a complete professional program.

You will be amazed and delighted with the dynamics of this program and with the exclusive and powerful information it contains. It’s packed with simple, ingenious strategies and winning techniques that will:

  • Make it easy for you to spot improving horses and likely winners.
  • Show you which horses and races to avoid.
  • Reveal secrets of form that will point you to many long priced winners.
  • Reveal what you must do to get top prices for your selections.
  • Show you how to pick winning horses consistently.
  • Change your outlook on racing forever and
  • Give you the confidence to support your selections with hard cash!

Professional Punting in Action contains easy to understand information and powerful techniques used by successful punters. Information and strategies that have stood the test of time. It takes the knowledge and experience of professionals and combines them into one very impressive and comprehensive package. It’s a package that will save you years and years of costly trial and error betting and will take you from the LEARNING to the EARNING!

Professional Punting in Action will show you how to eliminate guesswork, how to make profitable, sensible and flexible betting decisions and how to style your betting like a professional. It gives you a thorough understanding of racing and betting in Australia. In just a few weeks you’ll be betting like a real professional and probably making money long before you complete the program.

How It Works

Professional Punting in Action is a formal, structured learning program, 100% Australian and covering all aspects of racing and betting. It is not a system, not a tipping service, rating service or any sort of selection service! Professional Punting in Action has the professional proven strategies to get you many long priced winners, again and again.

You’ll use the knowledge gained in this Program to make your own selections, independently, confidently and professionally…and you’ll love it! You’ll love the confidence it gives you; the self esteem, the independence and the rewards both financially and lifestyle.

This exclusive program consists of five impressive volumes, The instruction modules are comprehensive and span over 500 pages of training material, advanced strategies and professional betting techniques, much of it never before published. The scope of the program is simply dazzling.

Although designed to be completed in 12 weeks, no time limit is imposed and there’s no pressure. You won’t need a computer and you won’t have to attend the College.

Professional Punting in Action is a complete mail order program that you can study in the comfort of your home and at your own pace. Each part is a self contained module, well presented, easy to follow and takes you one step closer to becoming a true professional.

The instruction modules covers traditional topics such as class, fitness, pace and distance and the more sophisticated and professional aspects of race analysis, betting decisions, and much more. There are optional user friendly self assessment papers that allow you review what you have studied before moving on.

We have chosen a number of topics at random to show you the extent of this huge program. An example of just some of the subject matter covered and what you will learn …

  • How the horse racing industry works.
  • Why you waste your money buying systems.
  • How professionals win and continue to win year after year.
  • How to use video replays to pick improvers and hidden winners at home.
  • Why some horses can’t win on certain tracks.
  • How races are structured to suit particular horses.
  • What Class is and what it really means.
  • When not to bet on younger horses.
  • What the most important single factor is in picking winners.
  • How trainers prepare horses to win certain events and how you can spot them.
  • How you can train yourself to identify horses nearing a win.
  • How to detect a winning running style.
  • How to sort out those horses that have no chance of winning.
  • The best race distances for betting.
  • The critical relationship between barrier position and running style.
  • How a jockey can make a difference to the outcome of any race.
  • How to detect true wet track ability
  • How to read between the lines in a form guide.
  • How to spot indicators to a coming win.
  • Identifying and analysing the best races for betting.
  • How to take advantage of the weights allocated by the handicapper.
  • How to calculate the true odds and determine your own prices for better value.
  • How to build a small bank into thousands of dollars.
  • How to use sectional times to your advantage.
  • What physical conditions to look for before the race.
  • Exotic betting options and the use of computers.

And there’s heaps more. Imagine what a difference this knowledge will make to your betting. I’m sure you will agree it’s an outstanding coverage.

Enrolment Process

When you enrol, a personal history file will be created to monitor your progress. Your individual program material is prepared and compiled. This process takes a few days but we guarantee to have the complete program to you within 5-10 working days.

You then work through each part at your own pace. There is no pressure to complete any particular topic or any time limit imposed. The whole program is designed for you to progress from cover to cover by yourself at your own pace but under our watchful eyes.

Your progress will be monitored to ensure you have a complete understanding of each topic and are getting the maximum benefit. If you elect to return your revision question papers they will be marked and appraised and returned to you with any comments necessary.

A very attractive Certificate of Achievement is included to proudly display in your home or office. And we are always available to offer valuable advice and suggestions to put what you learn into practice.

The whole process is very efficient, user friendly and hassle free.

GUARANTEED! We’ll talk more about the guarantee later.

Program Outline


1.1 Welcome to the Program 1.2 The Racing Industry in Australia 1.3 Why Punters Lose 1.4 How Professionals Win1.5 How to Get Results 1.6 How to Use This Program to Win Part 1 Revision Question Papers

The first Part of the program introduces you to the world of racing and professional punting. It will establish your objectives and provide a clear direction on how to become a true racing professional and how to use the program to your advantage and produce maximum results.


Part 2 concerns the theory of racing and betting. The focus is on knowledge. It provides a vital background of all aspect of racing. You’ll receive intensive instruction over 16 chapters on traditional subjects and more sophisticated topics. Revision question papers are provided to ensure you have understood all the subjects.

2.1 An introduction to Racing and Betting 2.2 The Racecourse 2.3 The Class Factor 2.4 Form and Fitness 2.5 The Race Distance 2.6 The Jockey2.7 The Track Conditions 2.8 Consistency and Courage 2.9 Basic Form Reading 2.10 Race Analysis and Betting Decisions 2.11 Assessing Betting Prospects 2.12 Relative Weight Handicapping 2.13 The Complete Handicapper 2.14 Managing Your Money 2.15 Race Reading 2.16 Betting Options Part 2 Revision Question Papers


3.1 Class and What it Really Means 3.2 How to Treat Racing as a Business 3.3 The Psychology of Betting 3.4 How to Develop Your Own Profitable System3.5 How Jockeys Make a Difference 3.6 Consistency and How to Get Consistent Profits Part 3 Revision Question Papers

Part 3 is true professional material following on from Part 2. It takes years of experience for anyone to gain knowledge of this depth and sophistication. These are advanced topics not found elsewhere. Key topics for the professional and understanding them is the key to successful betting. Includes subject matter on the taxation aspects of betting, the use of computers in racing, jockeys tactics, the dangers of their profession and more.


4.1 The Professional Punter in Action 4.2 How to Bet When It’s Wet4.3 Betting Systems in Action 4.4 The Power of Place Betting4.5 The Magic of Trifecta Betting 4.6 How to Make BIG Money From Racing4.7 Your Money in Action 4.8 How to Enjoy the Lifestyle of a Racing Professional Part 4 Revision Question Papers

In Part 4 you will find several workable betting methods that you can implement immediately. They are all professional systems to use as your main betting method or sideline. How to make steady profits with place betting or lash out at the big payouts with tricfecta betting. Something to suit all styles of betting. And they work. This Part actually provides the means to make money from racing, achieve professional status and enjoy the lifestyle to the hilt. Includes topics such as viewing the horse before the race, track conditions, watching the running, using binoculars, horse colours and markings.


5.1 College Contact and Access Details 5.2 Question and Information Access Sheets5.3 Personal Progress Monitor 5.4 Memos and Notes Sheets5.5 Self Assessment Answers 5.6 Program Evaluation and Questionnaire5.7 Racing Publications and Web Sites 5.8 Return Address Envelopes 5.9 Your Certificate of Achievement

This final Part will ensure you are on the right track. It provides access to the College, our information, our personal support and assistance channels. This is our back up service: the intensive assistance we provide to ensure you succeed and how we continue to help you even after you have completed the Program and well on your way to a successful career in racing.

Frequently Asked Questions

<strong>Do I need a computer to complete the program? </strong> No. All you need are basic reading skills.

<strong>Is this Program just for professionals? </strong> No. Semi-professionals, system bettors or anyone can benefit. It&rsquo;s ideal for the form analyst and handicapper or just someone wanting to know more about racing.

<strong>Can I really become a professional? </strong> This program will give the basis for professional punting. There is no reason why anyone cannot become a professional if they have the resolve to succeed.

<strong>What does the guarantee cover? </strong> We can&rsquo;t guarantee your financial success. No one can do that. If you claim a refund we just have to be certain you made every effort to put the theory to practice.

<strong>How much time does it take? </strong> Study to suit yourself and progress at your own pace. There is no time limit. Many people complete the Program under 12 weeks.

<strong>What sort of results can I expect? </strong> No more tipsters or favourites. You&rsquo;ll be surprised at your own ability to select winners, sometimes up to 40/1.

<strong>Will I get the same selections as anyone else using the Program? </strong> There is always some subjectivity but most people show amazing consistency in their selections. But they say difference of opinion is what makes racing. And not every one bets on the same races. They are individually selective.

<strong>Can I bet on every race? </strong> Not recommended. Being more selective gives better results and less chance of disaster. The Program shows you how.

<strong>Can I bet on any meeting? </strong> The Saturday meetings at the major metropolitan venues are recommended. That&rsquo;s where the best races are held and where you&rsquo;ll get the best results.

<strong>Can I bet off-course? </strong> Yes. While on-course betting allows you to get the best odds, you can use TAB, flexi-betting, telephone, Internet or any other method that suits you.
<strong>What if I&rsquo;m a complete beginner? </strong> Then this Program is perfect for you. It will give you a complete and thorough understanding of racing. Start your new career with a solid backgrounding.

<strong>I live in a remote area can I still benefit? </strong> Yes. Telephone technology, satellite communication, the Internet and on-line form have made all things possible.

<strong>What sort of bank will I need? </strong> You can start with $100 and use $2 bets or $1000 and use $20 bets or more. It really depends on the staking plan you use. It&rsquo;s up to you and we&rsquo;ll show you why.

<strong>How big are the bets? </strong> We recommend you start small with what you can afford, then escalate as you gain confidence. Some students are now betting in thousands.

<strong>How good is the Program material? </strong> It&rsquo;s excellent! Very comprehensive and prepared by experienced professionals. It&rsquo;s hard to fault.
<strong>Do you give selections or tips? </strong> No! You don&rsquo;t <em>subscribe</em> to anything. This Program will teach you to make you own selections independently.

<strong>What&rsquo;s the real difference between a handicapping method and a system? </strong> Systems are mechanical with a strict, inflexible set of rules and eventually fail. Handicapping is an objective process based on your own skills, knowledge and techniques. It provides a greater chance of success.

<strong>If I have any questions during my studies and want to know more about the Program, the lessons or anything about racing what do I do? </strong> Contact us. We provide specially designed Question &amp; Answer sheets for you to use and we welcome and encourage their use.

<strong>Who marks the question papers if I return them? </strong> If you elect to send in your question papers they are closely examined by our program coordinator. An expert team of professionals are consulted if necessary. Don&rsquo;t worry your progress is carefully monitored and you are in expert hands.

<strong>Do I have to attend classes? </strong> No! This is a complete home study Program and you get everything you need in the program material.

<strong>What else do I need? </strong> Motivation, enthusiasm and a desire to succeed.

Product Disclosure Statement


This page tells you more about the Program. It describes the features, benefits and risks associated with the product known as PROFESSIONAL PUNTING IN ACTION. It outlines the constraints and limitations of the product, the conditions of purchase and terms of the guarantee. Although PROFESSIONAL PUNTING IN ACTION is NOT a financial product it is principally concerned with investment and money making through thoroughbred horse racing. This disclosure statement has been developed to provide consumers with a clear understanding of the scope and expectations of the product.

Intending purchasers should read the Statement thoroughly to ensure a full understanding of what to expect of the product, the real chances of it working as described in the promotional material and the risk of success or failure in actual practice.

Every effort has been made to describe the product accurately in the promotional pages and apart from acceptable advertising license no attempt has been made to mislead the reader or exaggerate the claims made.


There is an element of risk in any investment or business activity. Betting on race horses is gambling and gambling is a high risk activity. Investment theory is not always easy to put into practice in the same manner as intended by the originator.

Translating theory into practice may not always work as expected. This is because of individual differences in attitude, education, perception, ability etc.

In general, the percentage of successful investors, especially in horse racing, is relatively small. This does not mean such investment schemes have no merit. But the likelihood that you may not be successful in the application of this product in practice, or any type of investment, is very real and must be accepted. Purchasers should satisfy themselves as to the merits of the Product and the risks associated with their investment and honestly assess their own ability to put the theory into practice.


The horse racing industry in Australia provides a steady working environment combining reliable performance and superior regulation. It is an ideal platform for betting activities and provides the investor with the best medium for success of any of the gambling industries. Trotting, greyhound racing, lotteries, football, lotto, etc carry higher risks and do not provide the investor with the same qualities. These activities should be avoided by the serious investor.


PROFESSIONAL PUNTING IN ACTION is primarily an educational product and is designed to provide a thorough understanding of horse racing conditions in Australia. The information and principles contained in the Program are extensive and exhaustive in nature and can be employed by the student to develop any number of handicapping processes and / or selection methods.


PROFESSIONAL PUNTING IN ACTION is subject to copyright and is for private and personal use only. No part of the Product may be duplicated in any manner. The sale of this Product is conditional upon the purchaser not being at liberty to divulge, resell, publish, or make public the information and concepts contained herein in any manner whatsoever.


PROFESSIONAL PUNTING IN ACTION is an educational product only and the guarantee does not extend to the domain of financial gain. PROFESSIONAL PUNTING IN ACTION carries a guarantee of quality and satisfaction as described in the promotional pages. The guarantee is subject to the following conditions:

A refund in regard to achieving a professional level of expertise will only be considered where the principles and concepts of the Program are applied in good faith by the purchaser. Any claim on the guarantee must be made in writing and supported by appropriate documentation. We reserve the right to request such documentation for perusal and to provide further instruction and assistance to ensure that every effort has been made by the purchaser to reach an acceptable standard of knowledge and level of expertise before any refund is considered.

A refund in regard to the quality of the Program can only be considered if the material is returned in good condition by registered mail within 14 days of receipt by the purchaser. Claims must be made in writing. The purchaser is responsible for the condition of any returned goods and all costs associated with returning the material must be met by the purchaser. Any damage or soiling of the Program material will negate any right to a refund. The amount paid by the purchaser is subject to a deduction of the amount specified in the Promotional pages for cost incurred in preparation of the Program material.

This written Guarantee will be included in the Program material on purchase and the purchaser’s reference number must accompany all claims.


All claims are subject to the terms of the guarantee. A claim outside the terms of the guarantee will only be considered at the discretion of the Provider. Claims must be made in writing and be supported by evidence of usage or as otherwise requested by the Provider. In all cases the Provider reserves the right to offer a partial refund.

Any Product material returned must be in good condition and returned by registered mail by the purchaser. The purchaser is responsible for the condition of any returned material and all costs associated with returning the material must be met by the purchaser. Any damage or soiling of the Product material may negate any right to a refund.

Copying the Product material and returning the Product in an attempt to gain a full or partial refund is illegal. Where this practice and / or copyright infringement is detected or suspected a refund will be refused and the matter reported to the appropriate authorities.

In accordance with consumer guidelines a refund will not be given where the purchaser has a change of mind or simply doesn’t like the Product.


PROFESSIONAL PUNTING IN ACTION was developed, written and compiled by Harold French. Harold French trades as the Australian College of Professional Betting and Selecting and other business names registered in New South Wales under the Business Names Act. PROFESSIONAL PUNTING IN ACTION is a trade mark used to identify this Product.


The Provider, author, promoter, publisher and / or distributor of this Product accept no responsibility or liability, whether whole or in part, for any loss, financial or otherwise, that may be incurred by any person using the whole or part of the contents of the Product or while applying the principles and concepts of the product in practice.

While the information contained within the Product has been compiled with care no responsibility can be taken for the accuracy or currency of data, statistics, particulars or other information contain within the Program.

Reference to any past results or profit implied or otherwise, either in the Product or promotional material, is meant to demonstrate the effectiveness and potential of the Product but does not guarantee future performance. Purchasers are advised to trial any method before any investment and to satisfy themselves as to the merits of the information contained in the Product prior to use.

Financial success cannot be guaranteed and ultimately responsibility for success or failure must rest with the individual.


Difference of opinion is what makes horse racing and when it come to selecting winning horses a degree of subjectivity must always exist. No correspondence or discussion regarding any results published or claimed by the Provider, author or publisher will be entered into.

However, it is recognised that the interpretation and application of the principles and concepts of PROFESSIONAL PUNTING IN ACTION is a subjective process and the Provider invites purchasers to write for assistance, further explanation or clarification of any aspect of the Product or the information contained therein. Although personal contact with the Provider is available for the purchaser, inquiries should be made in writing and the Provider reserves the right to limit the number of approaches made by any one person or firm.


The purchase cost of this Product is determined by the Provider and takes into consideration the research and development history of the Product, the experience and skills of the originator and the perceived value of the information provided.

Purchasers should be aware that additional costs, such as betting and racecourse expenses, may be incurred to put the information into practice. These costs are unrelated to the Provider and outside the sphere of the Product.

There may also be income tax implications on amounts gained from betting and this will depend on the personal circumstances of the purchaser.

This Product Disclosure Statement should be retained by the purchaser for future reference.


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