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A Powerful Betting Strategy and Handicapping System With Potential to Make Big Money From Racing


Product Description

A Handicapping method that’s right up there with the true legends of horse racing! A powerful process that will give you complete control of your betting AND the potential to make BIG money from racing! Bigger than you ever dreamed possible.

This is a professional handicapping process and we recommend you read more about handicapping and how it can help you make BIG MONEY from racing before continuing.

You’ve heard of Pittsburgh Phil’s maxims, Rem Plante’s weight handicapping and Don Scott’s ratings, well now there’s PRO-FILING; A powerful approach to betting with an astounding success rate! Developed in Australia by Harold French especially for Australian Horse Racing, this little known method is strongly recommended. PRO-FILING is 100% Australian developed for Australian racing conditions. It’s based on sound, sensible and proven principles.

PRO-FILING is a powerful, professional method that puts you in absolute control. An exciting and effective option to traditional handicapping and far superior to the tired old systems of the past. It’s not based on ratings or relative weights. The concept is easy to understand and simple to put into practice. And it’s completely manual. You don’t need a computer and there’s no maths to bewilder you. Best of all, it works and it’s within the reach of all both financially and operationally.

PRO-FILING is a dynamic approach that shows you how to evaluate the chances in any field professionally and easily with outstanding and consistent results.Itis an interesting and enjoyable method that will take you step by step through a process to eliminate horses with little chance of winning. The process then takes into consideration important form factors to quickly build a profile of each horse and how a race is likely to be run. It clearly identifies the real contenders in any race without using any of the traditional lengthy handicapping procedures. You don’t have to battle with weights, form lines, sectional times or other things that take the fun out of racing.

PRO-FILING is a powerful and effective selection process guaranteed to find long priced winners consistently. It does not look for winners, rather winners identify themselves in the process. IN FACT, THEY VIRTUALLY JUMP OUT AT YOU! And you’re not distracted by media hype or other external factors that adversely influence the decisions of ordinary punters and professionals alike.

It’s not any kind of rating service or tipping service, it’s a manual handicapping process where you are in total control. PRO-FILING has the professional strategies to get you many long priced winners, again and again. With PRO-FILING you’ll have the confidence to work out your own selections and your bets completely independently! Your success or failure will depend only on yourself! AND YOU’LL LOVE IT!

How does PRO-FILING work in actual practice?

If you like handicapping you’ll love PRO-FILING!

No more long tedious hours of comparing weights, sectional times or ratings, no more uncertainties with form and fitness. Short prices become a distant memory.

With PRO-FILING a good formguide is essential but just a few minutes on each race is all that’s needed; no more childish systems, no more rating services, no more media tipsters, you have total control! Total confidence! Total satisfaction! PRO-FILING will bring back the pleasure and enjoyment to horse racing because you’ll know you CAN pick winners!

Here’s an outline of the steps involved:

  • Using the formguide you identify the qualifying races or choose the races you want to bet on. Usually only 4 or 5 on the program.
  • You then eliminate any horse considered as outclassed. There’s no need to be afraid of this if you’re not familiar with class. The procedure is fully explained and you’ll soon become an expert.
  • For the remaining horses you quickly identify certain form factors and build a profile of the horses and the race. It only takes a few minutes.
  • This profile itself will often identify winners and how the race will be run. They sometimes jump right out at you, almost magically. It’s amazing!
  • Use the completed race profile to arrive at your final selections assisted by our unique class factor and market prices.

It’s a fascinating and enjoyable process and will take you less than 15 minutes for each race. Traditional factors like barrier position, days since last start, weight carried, jockeys and so on are all dealt with quickly and simply. These factors do not take prominence in PRO-FILING as they do in other methods.

The agonising doubt and anxiety normally associated with these aspects of form and handicapping are virtually eliminated. You will have total confidence in your ability to identify and select winning horses.

What To Expect

PRO-FILING works best using two selections in each race and that’s recommended. I know some punters strongly oppose that form of betting but let the results speak for themselves.

Certainly, you can choose to bet straight out to win on just one selection. If that’s what you want. And you would get good consistent results. And a lot of winners! But you would also miss out on many long shots. Those long priced winners that often come up when your first selection fails at short odds. But we’ll tell you more about that in the Manual. And although developed for straight out betting PRO-FILING has proved to be an excellent means of selecting successful trifecta combinations. It can be easily adapted for trifecta betting if that’s what you want.

In essence PRO-FILING will give you the skills and know how to:

  • Review ANY race program EXPERTLY and PROFESSIONALLY.
  • Analyse INDIVIDUAL race performances accurately.
  • Identify likely WINNERS expertly and confidently.
  • Understand how EACH HORSE will run its race and
  • Predict how the running will unfold with UNCANNY ACCURACY.

PRO-FILING has been a very consistent performer for me over the years. A strike rate of 36%; an average winning price of 6/1; winners up to 25/1; even 40/1 and a phenomenal strike rate of around 87% for place betting, and those statistics can be achieved by anyone!

A recommended staking plan is included and PRO-FILING succeeds using level stakes, it’s not complicated and it’s nothing to be afraid of. But let’s face it, it’s a very professional method and relies on certain proven form factors, some understanding of racing and as you can expect, a little subjectivity. However, it’s not difficult to master, even for the inexperienced.

What You Get

PRO-FILING is beautifully presented and comes in a soft cover, easy to follow A4 manual. Over 120 pages of exclusive key information explaining the selection process in detail and several actual working examples to show you EXACTLY how it’s done!


1.1 An Introduction to PRO-FILING 5
1.2 How to Select Winning Horses.
The Elimintion and Selection Process 9
1.3 How to get Better Results Personalising the PRO-FILING Process 29
1.4 Using “Chartform” 31
1.5 PRO-FILING in Practise 33
1.6 Good Results the Lazy Way 35
1.7 The Key to Success-Race Grouping 37

Part 2
2.1 A Little about Class 41
2.2 The Class Horse 43
2.3 The Class Structure of Racing in Australia 45
2.4 A brief outline of the Class Structure 49
2.5 Handicap Weights and Class 51
2.6 What Class Really Means 53
2.7 When is a Horse Outclassed 57

Part 3
3.1 How to increase the Bank-Progressively 59

Part 4
4.1 Working examples of PRO-FILING 63

Part 5
Appendix A Table of Classes 113
Appendix B The PRO-FILING Schedule
Appendix C Contact Details
Appendix D Questions and Answer Sheets

And there’s a complete personalised back up service. You’ll get full contact details including our email address, question feedback papers, answers to all your questions and a written money back guarantee. If you do encounter difficulties, get stuck or can’t make it work, contact us for assistance. This is especially valuable for novice punters who are invariably abandoned after purchasing any racing product.

Frequently Asked Questions

What sort of bank will I need? You can start with $100 and use $2 bets or $1000 and use $20 bets. It really depends on the staking plan you use. It’s up to you and I’ll show you why.

How big are the bets? $2 bets are the minimum but you can go higher or lower. Of course it can escalate with your bank but nothing more than $1,000 is recommended.

Surely you have to make big bets to win a lot? No. As most punters know stakes increase progressively as your bank grows. With PRO-FILING you don’t risk large amounts of your money.

What about a staking plan? A recommended staking plan is included but staking is really a personal matter and most punters have their favourite staking plan.

How many bets will I have each day? If you follow the recommended approach you should have about 4-5 bets a meeting betting two selections per race.

Can I bet off-course? Yes. While on-course betting allows you to get the best odds you can use TAB or flexi betting, telephone, Internet or any other method that suits you.

Do I need a computer? No. I’m a little old fashioned This is a completely manual system. But you can use on-line form and if you wish you can computerise the process yourself.

Is PRO-FILING just for professionals? No. Semi-professionals, system bettors or anyone can use this method. It’s ideal for the form analyst and handicapper.

What does the guarantee cover? I can’t guarantee your financial success. No one can do that in any investment program. There is always a risk. But if you claim a refund I have to be certain you understand the method and have made every effort to put it into practice and make it work.

How much time does it take? After a few practice runs about 10-15 minutes for each race.

What strike rate can I expect? Around 30-36% consistently or better if you are more selective. But even 25% is good with double figure winners.

What is the average price of winners? Most years it will be about 6/1 but some years have shown as high as 11/1 and winners up to 50/1.

Will I get the same selections as you or anyone else that uses PROFILING? In most cases and if you follow the guidelines, yes. There is always some subjectivity but most people show some amazing consistency in their selections.

Doesn’t that mean the odds will be affected? Have you ever known any system to really affect the odds. There are billions of dollars up for grabs each race day and because PRO-FILING is sold exclusively not enough people are involved to make any difference to the market.

Can I bet on every race? Yes, provided they qualify and the odds are right. But being more selective gives better results and less chance of disaster.

Can I bet on any meeting? Sydney Saturday meetings are recommended followed by Melbourne and Brisbane for best results. PRO-FILING has not been fully tested on other states or provincials and results cannot be guarantee but there is no reason why it will not work if the information is available.

What if I’m not experienced? Of course, you will need more time and study to get a better understanding of racing in general but this can be learned fairly quickly. The results make the effort worthwhile and I promise you won’t be inexperienced for long!

I live in a remote area can I still use it? Yes. Telephone technology, satellite communication, the Internet and on-line form have made all things possible.

Product Disclosure Statement


This document describes more about PRO-FILING. It describes the features, benefits and risks associated with using the product known as PRO-FILING. It outlines the constraints and limitations of the product, the conditions of purchase and terms of the guarantee.

Although PRO-FILING is NOT a financial product it is primarily concerned with investment and money making through thoroughbred horse racing. This disclosure statement has been developed to provide consumers with a clear understanding of the scope and expectations of the product.

Intending purchasers should read the Statement thoroughly to find out more about PRO-FILING and ensure a full understanding of what to expect of the product, the real chances of it working as described in the promotional material and the risk of success or failure in actual practice.

Every effort has been made to describe the product accurately in the promotional pages and apart from acceptable advertising license no attempt has been made to mislead the reader or exaggerate the claims made.


There is an element of risk in any investment or business activity. Betting on race horses is gambling and gambling is a high risk activity. Investment theory is not always easy to put into practice in the same manner as intended by the originator.

Translating theory into practice may not always work as expected. This is because of our individual differences in attitude, education, perception, ability etc.In general, the percentage of successful investors, especially in horse racing, is relatively small. This does not mean such investment schemes have no merit. But the likelihood that you may not be successful in the application of this product in practice, or any type of investment, is very real and must be accepted.

Purchasers should satisfy themselves as to the merits of the Product and the risks associated with their investment and honestly assess their own ability to put the theory into practice.


The horse racing industry in Australia provides a steady working environment combining reliable performance and superior regulation. It is an ideal platform for betting activities and provides the investor with the best medium for success of any of the gambling industries. Trotting, greyhound racing, lotteries, football, lotto, etc carry higher risks and do not provide the investor with the same qualities. These activities should be avoided by the serious investor.


PRO-FILING is a handicapping process and selection method only. While certain methods of staking and investment are provided and recommended in the manual they are suggested methods only. While PRO-FILING is recommended for use at Saturday meetings in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane metropolitan races, it has not been tested elsewhere and the guarantee does not extend any other location. This does not mean that the principles and concepts of PRO-FILING could not be applied successfully to other locations.


PRO-FILING is subject to copyright and is for private and personal use only. No part of the Product may be duplicated in any manner.

The sale of this Product is conditional upon the purchaser not being at liberty to divulge, resell, publish, or make public the information and concepts contained herein in any manner whatsoever.


PRO-FILING is a selection method only and the guarantee does not extend to the domain of financial gain. PRO-FILING is guaranteed to produce winners consistently from the list of contenders obtained by the purchaser using the system in the manner recommended. All claims under this guarantee must be made in writing and are subject to the following conditions:

  • That the principles and concepts of PRO-FILING are applied by the purchaser reasonably in accordance with the instructions given in the Manual.
  • That the principles and concepts of PRO-FILING are applied in good faith by the purchaser.
  • That the selection method is trialled by the purchaser over a period of at least 24 weeks and records of the process and result statistics are kept by the purchaser.
  • In the event of a claim the Provider reserves the right to request all records, workouts and results of the process to be submitted for review and evaluation.

The Provider reserves the right to provide further instruction and assistance to the purchaser to ensure application of the principles and concepts are understood and applied correctly.

This written guarantee will accompany the Product on Purchase.


All claims are subject to the terms of the guarantee. A claim outside the terms of the guarantee will only be considered at the discretion of the Provider. Claims must be made in writing and be supported by evidence of usage or as otherwise requested by the Provider. In all cases the Provider reserves the right to offer a partial refund. Any Product material returned must be in good condition and returned by registered mail by the purchaser. The purchaser is responsible for the condition of any returned material and all costs associated with returning the material must be met by the purchaser. Any damage or soiling of the Product material may negate any right to a refund.

Copying the Product material and returning the Product in an attempt to gain a full or partial refund is illegal. Where this practice and / or copyright infringement is detected or suspected a refund will be refused and the matter reported to the appropriate authorities.

In accordance with consumer guidelines a refund will not be given where the purchaser has a change of mind or simply doesn’t like the Product.


Harold French is acknowledged as the originator and author of PRO-FILING. Harold French is the owner of the domain name horseracingsystems4u.com.au, and also trades as the Australian College of Professional Betting and Selecting and other business names registered in New South Wales under the Business Names Act. PRO-FILING is a trade mark used to identify this Product and the selection process.


The Provider, author, promoter, publisher and distributor of this Product accept no responsibility or liability, whether whole or in part, for any loss, financial or otherwise, that may be incurred by any person using the whole or part of the contents of the Product or while applying the principles and concepts of PRO-FILING in practice.

Reference to any past results or profit implied or otherwise, either in the Product manual or promotional pages, is meant to demonstrate the effectiveness and potential of PRO-FILING but does not guarantee future performance. Purchasers are advised to trial any method before any investment and to satisfy themselves as to the merits of the information contained in the Product prior to use. Financial success cannot be guaranteed and ultimately responsibility for success or failure must rest with the individual.


Difference of opinion is what makes horse racing and when it come to selecting winning horses a degree of subjectivity must always exist. No correspondence or discussion regarding any results published or claimed by the Provider, author or publisher will be entered into.

However, it is recognised that the interpretation and application of the principles and concepts of PRO-FILING is a subjective process and the Provider invites purchasers to write for assistance, further explanation or clarification of any aspect of the Product or the selection process. Although personal contact with the Provider is available for the purchaser, inquiries should be made in writing and the Provider reserves the right to limit the number of approaches made by any one person or firm.


The cost of purchasing PRO-FILING is determined by the Provider and takes into consideration the research and development history of the Product, the experience and skills of the originator and the perceived value of the information provided.

Purchasers should be aware that additional costs, such as betting and racecourse expenses, may be incurred to put this method into practice. These costs are unrelated to the Provider and outside the sphere of the Product.

There may also be income tax implications on amounts gained from betting and this will depend on the personal circumstances of the purchaser.

This Product Disclosure Statement should be printed out and retained by the purchaser for future reference.


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