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How to Make Racing Your Business



How to Make Racing Your Business is a well presented package of specially chosen and researched material about racing as a business.

Product Description

How to Make Racing Your Business is a unique Australian product. There is nothing like it in the world. It is an exciting, well presented package of specially chosen and researched material about racing as a business. Chock full of hints, tips and dynamic information on racing, betting and the home based business.

How to Make Racing Your Business explores the critical inter-relationship between these three activities and how you can dramatically improve your chances of success by focusing your efforts on the business aspects of betting.

How to Make Racing Your Business is not a system, It is your first step to success! The opportunities are there for anyone who wants to take advantage of them and they’re staring you in the face! If you have the drive and determination and are prepared to make an effort, you can apply what you find in this pack to your betting and nothing will stop you achieving success.

There are many professional punters out there…you can be one of them. Make racing your business and make it your business to win…NOW!

The information in this product isn’t available elsewhere. We can show you the opportunities that exist in racing today. We can teach you about business attitudes, about money management and how to develop your own betting system.

What You Get

How to Make Racing Your Business is a quality presentation containing over 200 pages of original, exciting information, painstakingly researched and collated in A4 format. It’s chock full of indispensable information on racing and the home based business connection.

Package Outline

Introduction An introduction to the business approach: an overview of racing and business. How to use this package.


1.1 The Racing Industry Today The racing scene in Australia. The age of technology. The racing industry in close-up.

1.2 The Business Approach Approaching racing as a business. The value of a proper racing education. Establishing your own betting style. Using a system. Developing a betting business.

1.3 The Psychology of Successful Betting The psychology of betting. What is a punter? Betting and gambling. Attitude and approach. Eliminate the negative. Accentuate the positive. A disciplined thought process. Lifestyle considerations.

1.4 The Opportunities in Racing and Betting Systems and Tipsters. The professional Punter. Reviewing race performances. Consistency and consistent profits. Relative weight ratings. The objective assessment procedure. Using the theory of probability. Calculating the true winning odds. How to determine your own prices.

1.5 Exotic Betting…Opportunities and Options The magic of trifecta betting. The rise of the TAB. An outline of exotic betting options. The popularity and opportunities of exotic betting. Quinella combinations. Superfectas and combinations. The criteria for selecting exotic combinations. What the future holds.

1.6 Developing Your Own Betting Systems An overview of racing systems. Some common types of systems. Systems or handicapping? Do systems work…and can money be made from them? How to develop your own system. The principles of system development.

1.7 Enjoying the Races The excitement of racing. Betting without guilt. A positive outlook. A socially accepted pastime. Ways to increase the enjoyment. A day at the races. Winners are grinners. When betting becomes a problem.

1.8 What You Need to Know About Racing An explanation of terms and expressions used in racing. A series of questions and answers you won’t find elsewhere. Answers of substance and meaning covering aspects of racing people often have difficulty finding.


2.1 Racing as a Business The business of professional punting. Starting and operating a home based business. The home office. The taxation aspects of betting. The use of computers in racing, betting and business. The Internet. Developing a business plan.

2.2 Financial Controls for Betting and Business Proper control of betting finances and some simple workable staking plans. Managing your money. Betting plans and staking concepts. Examples 1-7.

2.3 Big Payouts With Trifecta Betting Trifecta betting offers large dividends that boost the Bank. Here’s how you can set up your racing business immediately for far less than you would invest in any other type of business and it’s more fun.

2.4 Professional Punting in Action It can take a lifetime to gain enough experience to be a successful professional. A formal learning Program may be the answer.

2.5 An introduction to Professional Handicapping PRO-FILING is an excellent handicapping method for the professional. This section shows you what it’s all about and how you can in the money. An exciting and dynamic concept.


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