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Our Strategy

Our Strategy

We have detailed several examples showing how this proven approach of ours is applied in practice and how it is consistent in producing some excellent results.

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Our Results

Our Results

Get an idea of what you can expect from PRO-FILING. If you're an experienced punter, you'll recognise the consistency & their potential for profit.

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Handicapping methods, betting strategies or systems! Trifecta Betting! PRO-FILING! Place betting! Exactas! Which one for you? Do they work?

Handicapping Methods
Make Money!

Make Money!

You CAN make money from horse racing. In just a few short weeks you could be well on your way to enjoying a new and exciting lifestyle!

Make Money Now!


That’s racing and that’s betting horses to win! Australian Thoroughbred Horse Racing will take you from the LEARNING to the EARNING! Your portal to a lifestyle of fun and excitement!

Our Products

The Racing and Betting Course

Recognised as the best home study course on horse racing in Australia. A formal, structured horse racing course designed with one purpose in mind – to help you make money from horse racing. View Product Info


A Handicapping method that’s right up there with the true legends of horse racing! A powerful process that will give you complete control of your betting AND the potential to make BIG money from racing! Bigger than you ever dreamed possible. View Product Info

Professional Punting in Action

A Professional Betting strategy with the potential to make more money from racing than you’ve ever made in your life! Professional Punting in Action is a dynamic, structured approach designed to develop your handicapping and form analysis skills to a professional level … in just a few weeks! View Product Info


TRIFECTA PLUS is not a computer system. You need no special skills nor any knowledge of racing. There’s no handicapping! No form analysis! No ratings! No mathematics! In fact there are just two simple selection rules based on proven ability and this leaves no doubt as to what horses you include in your trifecta combinations. View Product Info

How to Make Racing Your Business

How to Make Racing Your Business is a unique Australian product. There is nothing like it in the world. It is an exciting, well presented package of specially chosen and researched material about racing as a business. Chock full of hints, tips and dynamic information on racing, betting and the home based business. View Product Info

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  • Thank you for your excellent Course. It has been a real eye opener into the world of professional punting. It has given me the confidence and knowledge to become a successful punter.

    B.B, VIC

  • My knowledge has improved TENFOLD! Any person who is really serious about racing should seriously consider doing this Course. This is the best investment I ever made!

    S.A, QLD

  • I have achieved a strike rate of 30% win and 70% place using the techniques in your Course. Most of the places were beaten because they struck interference.

    E.B, VIC

  • Thanks to your Course I started punting professionally six months ago. It really took me from the learning to the earning!

    V.V, QLD

  • Your Course has given me the skills and confidence needed to win consistently. It has been a great investment to set me on the winning way.

    M.B, N.S.W.

  • Congratulations on the comprehensive presentation and preparation of this Course. The consistent clarity of expression made each part interesting and informative in the highest degree.

    B.B, N.S.W.

  • I am EXCITED with your Course! It’s getting very interesting! It’s a real EYE, MIND, HEART and BRAIN opener! I wish I done it months ago but they say it’s never too late to learn.

    A.K, N.S.W

  • I had Consolidator first and Zanetta second. Well, That was it. Zanetta paid $25.50 .I was so excited…maybe you even heard me down in Sydney!

    M.B, NSW

  • Your pro-filing system is extraordinary! When I got it I studied it and implemented it with a stake of $10. I made $588.60. It blew me away!” And again …“PRO-FILING is brilliant! It works and works well…

    A punter from New Zealand

  • I am very happy with profiling, having had a few double figure winners. It is good to see a very good method which really makes money

  • My expectations were exceeded … a very rare event in these times of the quick dollar. Congratulations, I am very pleased with PRO-FILING.

  • I am writing in glowing terms about PRO-FILING.

    T.P, Adelaide

  • Thank you for a well thought out system … I wish I had purchased it (PRO-FILING) two years ago. I had a go at Race 2 at Sandown last Saturday and to my amazement worked out the first three in the finish.

    A.N, QLD

  • I think the PRO-FILING method has great potential

    N.O, VIC

  • Your PRO-FILING system is most professionally worded, laid out and presented

    M.P, WA

  • My most recent success was Amber Boy, a winner at $9.00 last Wednesday. A $400 profit on a $50 outlay

    M.B, NSW

  • In my second race I had Rivadel on top and it ended up winning and paid $16.60!

    M.B, NSW

  • After getting 2 winners from 3 races on his first attempt at pro-filing ( 5/1 and 25/1) M.C. of Vic says …“Was I just lucky or was it a fluke?

    M.B, NSW

  • I really make the point you are offering a unique product that is a rare jewel to find for those whose dreams are of a form analyst career

  • I am impressed with the quality of PRO-FILING and its presentation. It is truly professional in itself

  • … a good product and it’s up to others to take advantage of this unique opportunity which may never come their way again



There is opportunity to succeed at racing. An opportunity that is not widely promoted or advertised and probably one of racing’s best kept secrets. PRO-FILING is one of the best methods ever devised, either here or overseas, to handicap a race field. It is a powerful process. A professional method that gives you total

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Horse Racing News

The week is seeing some is seeing some interesting news in the horse racing community and here is some of the latest;

The Victorian Police ban on Danny Nikolic has now been withdrawn after numerous attempts by Nikolic to get the matter dismissed.
You can read more here:


You might remember Peter Moody getting

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Horse Racing News: Weekend Update 25-26 July

As we concluded this weekend and the past week ‘s races, it’ s time to have a look at some of the highlights of the most thrilling and tense races.
As you may already know if you ‘re a regular follower of horse racing news in Australia, the trainer Darren Weir wrapped up his second trainers’ premiership with winning at Caulfield this weekend.
Darren Weir has been going strong lately with Starsi as he won

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