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Outside Australia

This site is predominately concerned with Australian Thoroughbred Horse Racing, but if you’re living overseas and just visiting our site you are most welcome to browse. Although we are particularly concerned with handicapping methods, betting strategies, professional programs, courses and systems, we’re certain you’ll find many other items of interest. Like facts and statistics and an enormous amount of information about the racing scene in Australia, both past and present.

For example, did you know that Australia has more racecourses and race clubs than any other country? Yes! There’s 479 racecourses and 454 race clubs across the continent. Did you also know that Australia has more prize money on offer than any other country after USA and Japan, or that there are 22,000 races held in Australia each year? That’s an average of 60 races every day!

Aussies just love horse racing! And as you can see they’re prominent players in the world of thoroughbred horse racing.

Outside Australia and want to know more?

So even if you’re living outside Australia you can learn about our racing history, our personalities of racing, our betting habits, our famous horses and our classic races such as the Melbourne Cup.

All our products are of high quality and we are well respected within the industry.

Our handicapping methods and betting strategies are purely concerned with local racing conditions and may not be suitable to use in other countries. This is not to say they cannot be applied to racing in other countries.

Racing is much the same the world over these days and our methods could easily be adapted for local conditions provided certain information is available and you have the experience and knowledge to bridge the gap.

Of course, we cannot guarantee the results and our guarantees do not extend to the use of our products overseas. Because of this we do offer substantial discounts on our products for overseas purchasers and should you wish to order any of our products please contact us in the first instance. Please note that all orders must be proceeded via the website’s shopping cart in Australia Dollars and an additional postage charges will be applicable depending on destination.

We welcome all enquiries from outside Australia and would love to hear from you.