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About Us

The website was established in conjunction with the Australian Racing Information Centre to provide information on Australian Thoroughbred Horse Racing, and in particular handicapping methods and betting strategies.

Horse Racing Systems 4 U follows a theme of education, knowledge and integrity and seeks to avoids the get-rich-quick approach.

Our Philosophy

Here’s our philosophy for betting horses to win …

Firstly, we do not believe in a get-rich-quick approach. We do not believe winning can be encapsulated in a single theory or formula and we do not rely on secret methods or fool proof systems.

We do not believe it is necessary to bet only on the favourites to win.

We believe that expertise is the key and a sound knowledge base is the first step to success. We believe that anyone can succeed at racing independently without inside information or connections.

We believe that success requires a professional attitude and a realistic approach.

We not only believe this, we know it!

Harold French passed away unexepectedly a few years ago. He was the author and originator of the information on this site.

Who was Harold French?

Quite simply, a professional racing consultant of some renown.

What does that mean? Well, extensive experience for starters. Harold had provided quality racing information for decades via his unique mail order business. He developed and authored the methods and Programs now available exclusively through this site. The author of many articles and magazine editorials about racing Harold is familiar with the problems encountered by punters and racing enthusiasts world wide.

As principal of the Australian College of Professional Betting and Selecting Harold maintained a keen interest in the racing industry. His wealth of knowledge and experience allowed him to speak with some authority on handicapping and the viability of systems and betting schemes. Harold had served as a senior officer with many State and Federal authorities in administration and policy development. He had extensive experience in managing operational units where a demanding emphasis is placed on efficient business practice and client service.

He lived in the lower Blue Mountains of New South Wales near Sydney.

Who is Australian College of Professional Betting and Selecting?

Here’s more about us. Established in New South Wales in 1992., the Australian College of Professional Betting and Selecting has provided quality education programs, courses and tutoring services for well over a decade.

The College now produces and packages material for marketing solely online via horseracingsystems4u.com.au and does not directly trade in its own name.

Harold was also the proprietor of the Australian Racing Information Centre which provided much of the material for this site.